Born 1945 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Educated at Chesterfield Grammar School (1957-64) and Imperial College, London where I took a BSc in Organic Chemistry followed by a post-graduate diploma in Biochemistry (1964-68). Worked as Research Assistant to Steven and Hilary Rose on the Pelican book "Science and Society" (1968-9).

Began a career in journalism working in the underground press between 1969 and 1972, where I was a columnist for Frendz magazine, music and book reviewer and reviews editor for Ink and Oz magazines and finally production manager for Oz magazine. There I met Felix Dennis and we co-founded Bunch
Books (now Dennis Publishing).

Production Director of Bunch/Dennis from 1972 to 1981 when I became Managing Editor of the UK's first PC magazine, Personal Computer World. Following the sale of PCW to VNU in 1983 I was briefly Managing Editor of the short-lived software magazine "Soft". In 1984 I became a Contributing Editor to the US computer magazine Byte until that magazine's closure in 1998, during which time I contribute
d over 150 feature articles. I'm nowadays Editorial Fellow and columnist for PC Pro magazine (a Dennis title). 

"Object Oriented Forth" (Academic Press 1983)
"A Tutorial Introduction to Concurrent Programming in Occam" (Blackwell Scientific 1987
"Cool Rules: Anatomy of an Attitude" with David Robins (Reaktion 2000)
"New Penguin Dictionary of Computing" (Penguin 2002)
"Concise Penguin Dictionary of Computing" (Penguin 2003) 
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