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If you already have Spotify installed, then here are some of
my playlists you might enjoy:

 St VincentAnnie Clark (of St Vincent) is the sexiest and most inventive singer/songwriter/synth guitarist around 

 Kevin AyersThe sweetest and most talented exponent of British psychedelia, RIP

 Hot tunes I danced to in the '60s and '70s

 "...she's my Mashed Potato baby..."
Roots of the British R&B boom

Country blues greatsHealth warning: Geeshie Wilie may break your heart...

 Negro Folk Music of Alabama vol6The roots of hip-hop and rap, in the schoolyard

Jimmy GiuffreSo out of fashion he's invisible, but to blues guitarists in 1962 he was our bridge into jazz

 Leo Brouwer guitar musicBrouwer is Cuban, but his music sounds like Bartok meets Led Zeppelin in Cordoba

 Scary Electro & Dubstep My selection of dubstep and electronic music

 Angst & SteelMy selection of lovelorn alt-country spiked with great slide guitar

 Avant-Blues & Po-Mo SoulPost-punk.blues-influenced young singers like Beck and the White Stripes

 Heart-stopping lieder Just beautiful

 Lenny BruceThe godfather of all modern comedy